White Paper: 2017 Closing the Telehealth Gap

A study of more than 800 providers and consumers analyzed their opinions and practices around telehealth.

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Hospitals and healthcare-delivery systems are embracing telehealth, having made substantial investments in infrastructure, training, and process re-engineering. Yet most patients — about eight out of 10 consumers — are still largely unaware of how to access telehealth or whether their insurer will cover it.

This 2017 study of more than 800 healthcare providers and consumers is summarized in the Closing the Telehealth Gap report, featuring analysis on what the findings mean for the future of care delivery. 

Key findings include:

  • 82% of consumers are either unsure of telehealth services or have never heard of it
  • 72% of providers consider stroke has their top use case for telehealth
  • 55% of providers are investing in telehealth to improve health outcomes

Download the full report to learn how providers and patients differ in their attitudes and experiences around telehealth and how you can close the gap to meet your business objectives.

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