Case Study: Discover how telemedicine changes Behavioral Health

Behavioral Healthcare Providers leverages Avizia’s e-visit software and secure messaging app to increase access and collaboration across a network of more than 5,000 specialists, programs, and hospitals.

Behavioral Health TelemedicineBackground

Founded in 1995, Behavioral Healthcare Providers is a non-profit subsidiary of Minnesota’s Fairview Health Services. BHP has established a network of more than 5,000 behavioral providers, programs and hospitals committed to improving the health of the communities it serves.

BHP has developed two innovative, secure, web-based applications that help place mental health clinicians in the Emergency Department setting to assist the care team in properly assessing patients. This technology also supports the provision of a standardized and comprehensive crisis assessment tool, creates immediate access to the most appropriate care and improves coordination of care across the full continuum of care.


Emergency departments in Minnesota, like most across the country, lack adequate numbers of behavioral health specialists. Physicians staffing emergency departments generally have a limited knowledge of behavioral health diagnoses and a lack of collaboration between providers make consults inefficient. Patients are often unable to connect with a mental health or chemical dependency professional prior to discharge, resulting in unfavorable outcomes and unnecessary admissions.


As a long-time leader in behavioral health care delivery, Behavioral Healthcare Providers saw an opportunity to integrate Avizia’s virtual visit and secure messaging products with their own assessment tool and scheduling programs. This created an on-demand telehealth network of behavioral health professionals to provide efficient remote behavioral consultations for emergency departments in Minnesota and beyond.

Avizia provided the essential tool to drive our telehealth service. It connects our behavioral assessors face-to-face to the emergency department patients quickly and efficiently.
– Amy Wrightson, Operations Director, Behavioral Healthcare Providers

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