Telemedicine Today (#tday): July 2015

July 29th, 2015

Telemedicine TodayWe’re excited to bring you the second edition of Avizia’s Telemedicine Today newsletter!

SO much has happened this month in the Telemedicine industry and here at Avizia. Here are a few highlights from our month.

Forbes on Avizia Telemedicine

Avizia Is Transforming Healthcare Through Telemedicine

A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape featurs Mike Baird, Founder and CEO, Avizia Telemedicine.

The goal is two-fold: to reduce costs associated with getting to a doctor as well as to provide patients with more immediate care.

An evolving technological culture promising instant gratification, in part, has created opportunity in the healthcare space. Baird says. “We’re at that point now where you expect it: ‘Why in the world can I not talk to my doctor via cell phone or over video?’” he says.

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Fast Company on Avizia TelemedicineBuilding a Better Doctor’s Visit Through Telemedicine

The core element of Avizia’s telemedicine SaaS platform is a video chat system that both patients and health practitioners can use within their Internet browsers, no download needed. Healthcare providers can pay for just the SaaS platform or buy custom hospital carts that let on-site nurses plug patient-monitoring instruments (like compatible examination cameras and stethoscopes) into the carts, which send readings in real time to distant health practitioners.

Avizia’s platform also includes organizational software for the healthcare provider to handle all those video chats. The software, called Avizia One, is a virtual waiting room. A doctor on call gets a private text by the healthcare coordinator, and if the doctor doesn’t respond in five minutes, the patient goes to the next doctor on call.

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Numbers and NarrativeAvizia CEO Mike Baird on Numbers Narrative Podcast

In an in-depth interview with Numbers and Narrative, Avizia’s CEO, Mike Baird, reflects on the Telemedicine industry’s rapid growth and Avizia’s mission to reduce the costs associated with connecting the right doctor to the right patient at the right time – from anywhere.

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TELE-MED Act Addresses Licensing Barriers


Last week, Representatives Devin Nunes and Frank Pallone reintroduced a bill that will allow licensed providers to treat Medicare beneficiaries using telemedicine across state lines. Known as the Telemedicine for Medicare, or TELE-MED, Act of 2015, seeks to address state licensure laws that create barriers for providers to practice telemedicine in states where they are not licensed. The bill only applies to Medicare beneficieries and has no impact on Medicaid.

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Mississippi Emerges as a Health Tech Leader

Telemedicine Magazine

Due to its state-wide telehealth program centered at the Univeristy of Mississippi Medical Center, Mississippi is quickly becoming a national leader in healthcare technology. In an interview with Kristi Henderson, Chief Telehealth & Innovation Officer at UMMC, Telemedicine Magazine takes a close look at the success of their program and why it is being called “the best statewide telemedicine system in the country.”

Currently, they have 176 sites across the state, all linked to UMMC. These sites aren’t limited to hospitals and clinics, but they’re in schools, community colleges, four-year colleges, businesses, homes, a mobile van, and even in prisons.

A pivotal point in the whole process was when we worked out the reimbursement issue. For sustainability of this program, I have to work in the policy realm and the reimbursement world and regulatory space to make sure all those different angles are addressed so that it’s easy for the healthcare community to adopt and use this and it’s one financially we can sustain. Little did I know how much I would live in that space. And so I began working with the Governor to change legislation that would require insurance companies in the state to pay for this the same as they would for in-person care.

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Millennials are Ready for Telehleath – Others Skeptic


A HealthMine survey of 1,200 consumers found that 41% have never heard of telemedicine… This and other research indicating that patients are skeptical of telemedicine’s diagnostic accuracy highlights a significant gap in understanding of this new healthcare technology.

However, age makes a big difference. When taking a closer look at the 25 to 34 year-old age group, HealthMine found that 58% would use telemedicine and 52% are confident that they understand when it is best to use telemedicine rather than visiting the doctor’s office.

Q:Would you use telemedicine if offered by your health insurance company as an alternative/in addition to traditional doctor visits?

Telemedicine Adoption by Consumers





Q:Do you think you understand when it is best to use telemedicine as an alternative/in addition to traditional doctor visits?

Patient Understanding of Telemedicine





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