Webinar: 2017 Telehealth Predictions

Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, and Avizia share telehealth predictions and objectives for 2017. Each year, Avizia hosts a Telehealth Predictions webinar to hear what leading experts believe will unfold in the months ahead. To set the stage for this new year, we hosted our 2017 Telehealth Predictions webinar with special guests Jonathan Linkous, CEO of […]

Webinar: Telehealth in 2016

Telehealth in 2016 Success Stories & Lessons Learned Earlier this year, Avizia hosted a “2016 Telehealth Predictions” webinar to paint a picture of what may be in store for telehealth throughout the year to come. To close the year, we hosted a webinar to look back at telehealth in 2016 to discuss trends, positive momentum, […]

Webinar: Steps to Telehealth Success – Readiness & Licensure

Steps to Telehealth Success Organizational Readiness & Provider Licensure To create a forum for industry leaders to share knowledge and experiences, Avizia has launched the Steps to Telehealth Success webinar series. We hope that the information shared helps others successfully launch or advance virtual care programs and improve patient care. To kick off this webinar series, we […]

Webinar: Telehealth Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

Telehealth Resource Center Spotlight Chronic Disease Prevention & Management During this edition of Avizia’s Telehealth Resource Center (TRC) Spotlight Series we were joined by representatives from the South Central TRC and TexLa TRC. Because November is Diabetes Awareness Month, we focused a portion of the webinar on the use of telehealth to prevent and manage chronic […]

Webinar: Answering the Call for Tele-Pediatric Care

Children’s Health System of Texas spearheads pediatric telehealth care from TeleNICU to school-based telemedicine programs. Telemedicine programs focused on pediatric care are emerging across the globe. One such program is Children’s Health System of Texas. They have developed and are continuing to expand a statewide telemedicine network dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare access to pediatric patients. During […]

Webinar: How OTN is Driving Telehealth

Canadian Telehealth Network is Advancing Care Innovation Worldwide The Ontario Telemedicine Network is a global leader in telemedicine; operating one of the most robust telemedicine networks in the world and paving the way for telemedicine innovation in streamlining processes and developing unique technology partnerships. We were joined by Dr. Edward Brown, CEO and Founder of the Ontario […]

Webinar: Telehealth Resource Centers Spotlight

Telehealth Resource Centers drive healthcare innovation.   Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) were established to provide assistance, education and information to organizations and individuals who are actively providing or interested in providing virtual care. More than 10 regional TRCs exist across the United States to serve a joint mission to assist in expanding the availability of […]

Webinar: Canada Shifts to Community Based Care Models using Telemedicine

Technology and data can accentuate what is done in the hospital. There is a fundamental transformation happening within healthcare in Canada. A landslide is moving through the industry to shift the market towards community-based care models. Historically, we looked at brick and mortar hospital as the cornerstone of healthcare in a community. As we transcend towards […]

Webinar: Telehealth’s Impact on the Delivery of Care in Australia

Telehealth has a major role in responding to the growing demand for healthcare in Australia. A ‘perfect storm’ of an ageing population, the rising rate of chronic conditions and increased expectations of both consumers and healthcare professionals is contributing to extraordinary demand on the Australian health system. Telehealth has the potential to improve efficiencies, reduce […]

Webinar: MACRA & Telehealth Pave Way to Reimbursement

A deep dive into MACRA, bonuses, and how telehealth can boost scores. MACRA is a transformative law, poised to drive payment and delivery reform across the payer mix for the foreseeable future. This new policy may ultimately lead the American health care system away from a fee-for-service model and towards new risk-bearing, value-based, coordinated care models. […]