Chronic Care Telehealth

Eliminate barriers to effective chronic care through prevention, treatment and management.

Lack of Continuity Escalates the Impact of Chronic Diseases

The population of people with chronic conditions is growing rapidly. It is estimated that nearly 50% of Americans will be affected by chronic illness by 2025. Patients with chronic conditions account for 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions filled; and 76% of all physician visits.

    • Account for
    • 81%

    • of Admissions
    • Will Impact
    • 164M

    • Americans by 2025
    • Makes Up
    • 86%

    • of Spending

Provider shortages and the lack of affordable care result in rural communities facing higher rates of chronic disease. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and alcohol and substance abuse are all chronic conditions that disproportionately affect rural populations.

Impact of Chronic Diseases
Case Study

Chronic Care Resource Center

Telehealth extends the reach of a comprehensive COPD education program to patients at rural hospitals.

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Telehealth for Chronic Care – Not Just Acute Conditions

Acute telemedicine is highly effective, and the same technology can be used to improve follow-up or lower-acuity care. Telehealth can have a major impact when used to address chronic conditions and support preventative medicine.

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    • Medication Management

      Patients with chronic conditions often rely on long-term medications. Telehealth eliminates communication barriers and allows proactive medication management without placing unnecessary burdens on patients or providers.

    • icon-efficient-triage
    • Efficient Triage

      When a patient develops a new symptom it can be difficult to determine if it is related to the underlining illness or a new, potentially urgent problem. Telehealth offers patients reassurance to address new or changing conditions.

    • icon-proactive-prevention
    • Proactive Prevention

      For patients with or at risk for chronic disease, prevention is essential. The more support and monitoring possible, the more likely patients will comply with treatments. Office visits aren't always practical, but telehealth makes ongoing engagement easier.

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Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

Learn how 3 chronic care programs are using telemedicine to better reach patients to manage diabetes, deliver nutritional training, and remotely monitor conditions.

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Avizia Solutions for Chronic Care Treatment & Prevention

Chronic care programs powered by Avizia offer the telehealth tools needed to prevent, treat and manage ongoing conditions. Improve how you educate and engage with patients, develop and share care plans, monitor symptoms and actively manage medications.

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    • Integrated EHR Medical History

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    • Web & Mobile Patient Access

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    • Configurable Workflows

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