Direct to Consumer Telemedicine

Attract and retain patients, reduce missed appointments and deliver cost-effective care with Avizia’s integrated DTC patient portal.

Provider Shortages and Wait Times Put Patients at Risk

The time to schedule an appointment has jumped 30% since 2014 as result of provider shortages, aging generations and population growth. It's increasingly difficult to fulfill the on-demand care patients now expect. 

    • Patients Wait
    • 24

    • Days for an Appt.
    • Currently
    • 60%

    • Want Telehealth
    • Video is Preferred by
    • 20%

    • to Avoid the ER

In 2016, more than one million consumers opted to use a telehealth patient portal from the location of their choice, instead of traveling to see their doctor in person. But to be truly effective, reduce costs and maintain continuity of care, direct to consumer telemedicine services must be integrated fully into a total care system.

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System-Wide Telehealth

System-wide telehealth presents healthcare organizations with the opportunity to benefit multiple care teams and help avoid unnecessary costs, reduce risk and help to deliver better outcomes.

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Telehealth Extends Care Beyond Traditional Settings

Most people consider a visit to the doctor routine. But for some patients, getting to a hospital or other care facility can be difficult or inconvenient. Avizia direct to consumer telemedicine solutions enable on-demand and scheduled telehealth visits from home, work or on the go.

    • Offer On-Demand Care

      Patients wait an average of 24 days to schedule a doctor appointment, up 15% since 2014. With a telehealth patient portal or app, patients can conveniently request a visit with your providers from home, work or on the go.

    • Reduce Leakage

      Patients prefer their PCP or trusted specialists, but are often forced to seek care elsewhere due to long wait times or lack of local providers. Direct to consumer telemedicine keeps patients in-network with more convenient access.

    • Preserve Continuity

      Patients who live far from their providers often miss follow-up appointments, leading to a lapse in care and poor outcomes. With telehealth, scheduled visits are easier to make and allow providers to better monitor their patients.

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Case Study

Chronic Disease Resource Center

Telehealth extends the reach of a comprehensive COPD education program to patients at all rural hospitals.

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Avizia Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Solutions

Avizia offers online patient portals and mobile apps to give patients access to on-demand or follow-up care. From home, work or on the go, patients can easily request a consultation or complete a scheduled appointment. Providers can consult, recommend a treatment and send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy  ̶  all within the Avizia solution.

    • Access Across the Continuum

    • On-Demand Urgent Care

    • Scheduled Follow-Up Care

    • Integrated EHR Medical History

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