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Case Study: Global Partnership for Telehealth – School Based Telemedicine

One of the key benefits in establishing school based telehealth centers is linking primary care with schools to create a hub, which then connects schools to parents and other community based organizations.


The Global Partnership for Telehealth’s (GPT) mission is to deliver worldwide access to healthcare as the umbrella organization that embodies Alabama, Florida and Georgia Partnerships for Telehealth, the Southeast Telehealth Resource Center, and GPT Missions.

Through the collaborative work of these organizations, GPT strives to:

  • Reduce the service barriers that exist for patients who live in rural parts of the world.
  • Improve and promote the availability and provision of specialized healthcare services.
  • Educate and provide training and technical assistance to hospitals, clinics and

The first GPT school based telehealth projects began in 2009 out of the need for rural South Georgia to connect to specialists. The primary focus of most GPT school based telehealth centers is psychiatric care. This includes providing services for ADHD management, autism and therapeutic services.


One of the fastest growing service lines is school based telehealth. To keep children in school and learning, acute care services are offered on the school campus. Instead of pulling a child with signs of an ear infection out of school, the student visits the school health center equipped with telemedicine devices. Using a video enabled telemedicine cart, the school nurse connects the student to a primary care provider and uses an ENT scope to share images with the physician. A diagnosis and treatment plan can then be made and an e-prescription sent to the student’s pharmacy.

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