Thinklabs One

Digital Stethoscope

The Thinklabs One stethoscopes was designed with the future of medicine in mind. For more than a decade, Thinklabs stethoscopes have been used in telehealth and are known for their easy connectivity and unparalleled sound quality. The Thinklabs One provides an elegant stethoscope solution for telemedicine, offering high-quality live listening, recording, storing and forwarding heart and lung sounds for all types of telemedicine applications.


  • Connectivity – With a direct analog audio output, One operates as a simple external microphone with any system. No special software or API required.
  • Simplicity – One integrates seamlessly with almost any videoconferencing system, using the conference audio channel for transmission. Simply use in-band teleconference audio.
  • Superb Sound – One offers the superb audio quality on which Thinklabs has built its reputation.
  • No Subscriptions – One does not require a subscription, so there are no licensing fees or hidden costs.

Thinklabs ONE Stethoscope Video