Virtual Care Devices

Avizia telehealth equipment enables hospitals and health systems to connect with off-site providers to assess patients and collaborate with care teams on diagnosis and treatment plans.


Telehealth Tablet

Avizia telehealth tablets feature an intuitive touchscreen interface to streamline patient intake and referrals to instantly request a consult from a remote specialist. Designed for mobility, these tablet-based telemedicine products are easy to carry, can be placed on a tabletop, mounted to a wall or ambulance, or on a cart in an inpatient setting.

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Telehealth Carts

Avizia telemedicine carts are FDA Class I medical devices designed for ease of use and mobility. With purpose-build telehealth equipment, remote specialists are brought to the point of care via high definition video, diagnostic data shared in real-time from connected peripheral devices, and PACs imaging and EHR documentation available to offer a comprehensive and immersive experience.

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Telemedicine Peripherals

Avizia’s telemedicine products include peripheral devices provider remote care providers with the power to instantaneously review diagnostic information to make informed clinical assessments. From the point of care, stethoscopes or examination cameras are connected to Avizia Telehealth Tablets or Carts to share audio, video or still images in real-time.

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Existing Devices

Avizia offers cloud-based solutions and mobile applications to leverage existing technology solutions as telehealth equipment. The Avizia platform can be accessed on any computer or laptop with a browser and network connection. Mobile apps for providers and patients are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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