3M Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

An easy to operate Bluetooth stethoscope that transmits high-quality patient heart, lung and body sounds for improved assessments – in-person or remotely.

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90% of Nurses Heard Heart & Lung Sounds Better

The Littmann digital stethoscope enhances the ability to hear patient sounds locally, as well as transmit sounds remotely to enable telemedicine. The Model 3200 is a Bluetooth stethoscope system that combines ambient noise reduction technology, frictional noise dampening, and powerful amplification features.

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Integrated Telehealth Solutions

Avizia breaks barriers to care and connects patients to providers through end-to-end telehealth solutions.


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Offer providers and patients convenient and secure access  ̶  anytime, anywhere.


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Connect patients to remote specialists with high definition video and peripheral devices.