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Avizia’s End-To-End Telehealth Platform

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Avizia Telehealth Devices
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“By incorporating the Avizia CA700 into a comprehensive telemedicine program, UVA has been able to extend its services into hard-to-reach areas, improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs for both patients and the UVA.”

David Cattell-Gordon, Director of the UVA Office of Telemedicine.

UVA Results

  • 30% increase in satisfaction from patients living in remote areas where travel is an issue.
  • 40,000 consults via telemedicine across 40 specialty and subspecialty areas.
  • Telemedicine has saved Virginians 8.9 million miles of travel to see a health specialist.
  • 73 new clinical projects under development across a wide range of specialties.
  • 4.6x growth in the volume of encounters via telemedicine.

Introducing Our Newest Innovation: The CA300

Patient Safe

FDA Class I registered device (registration pending) and tested to international safety standards.


Built-in Wi-Fi, hospital grade casters and minimal weight ensure this system is easy to get from place to place.

Easy To Use

The intuitive button panel, approachable design and new QuickBoot™ technology make the system easy to use with minimal or no training.


With built-in storage for peripherals like telemedicine scopes and stethoscopes the CA300 is a turnkey telemedicine solution.

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Telemedicine Breaks IN to Prison

As the prison population ages, telemedicine is the answer to providing access to cost effective care. Telemedicine’s greatest impact is seen as a result of national programs – especially the corrections systems. Just as the aging population and comorbidities are driving up the cost of healthcare nationally, the same is true for the corrections system. […]



Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC)

Perhaps in no other area has technology had as profound an impact as in health care. The 2015 MATRC Telehealth Summit will explore how the partnership of human innovation and technological advancements is both shaping and transforming the future of healthcare. Join us as we take a closer look at the role of telehealth in a world that is moving from a traditional encounter based model of care that rewards volume to a new value-based, data-driven, patient-centered care model that rewards improved patient and population-based health outcomes.

At The Greenbrier

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